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  1. Mar 18,  · About With extended hours, an exuberant atmosphere, and a variety of local and international dishes, Feria provides the perfect place to enjoy any meal of the day/5().
  2. Today the term feria is used to denote the days of the week with the exception of Sunday and Saturday. Various reasons are given for this terminology.
  3. This fairground is known as ‘Real de la Feria’, it is an enormous site located between Los Remedios and Tablada which for this one week becomes a city in its own right. At last year’s event it was reported that around 1, temporary ‘casetas’ were set up to allow ‘Los .
  4. feria(Del lat. feria, día de fiesta.) 1. s. f. Instalación temporal, en un recinto cerrado o al aire libre, de ganado, mercancías, u otros objetos de comercio, para su exhibición y venta hoy empieza la feria del ganado. mercado, muestra 2. COMERCIO Lugar público en el que se instalan y exponen mercancías para su venta. ferial 3. Afluencia de gente.
  5. Translate Feria. See 7 authoritative translations of Feria in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.
  6. Shop for L'Oreal Paris Feria Hair Colors at Save money. Live better.
  7. Define feria. feria synonyms, feria pronunciation, feria translation, English dictionary definition of feria. n. pl. fe·ri·as or fe·ri·ae A weekday on a church calendar on which no feast is observed. fe′ri·al adj. n, pl -rias or -riae RC Church a weekday, other.
  8. fe·ri·a (fîr′ē-ə, fĕr′-) n. pl. fe·ri·as or fe·ri·ae (-ē-ē′) A weekday on a church calendar on which no feast is observed. [Medieval Latin fēria, ordinary day, weekday, from Late Latin, feast day (used with ordinals to name the days of the week), from Latin fēriae, religious festival, holidays; see dhēs- in .
  9. Example sentences from the Web for feria During the three days of the feria, the hotel charges are doubled, and in some cases trebled. The Story of Seville | Walter M. Gallichan The word fair is derived from the ecclesiastical term, feria.

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