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  1. Having done that, he sat down again to reconsider the whole matter. Ye told us this morning, gentlemen, to go away and reconsider our position. We know how he attempted by letter to induce the King to reconsider his decision. The episode had made him reconsider, like a great sickness or a bereavement.
  2. Jul 09,  · The judge in Michael Flynn's criminal case asked a federal appeals court to reconsider its ruling ordering him to dismiss the prosecution of the former national security advisor to President Author: Dan Mangan.
  3. ‘I beg you to reconsider’ ‘Now the council must reconsider its planning decision in the light of the judge's ruling.’ ‘The process does not involve changing a .
  4. Aug 18,  · During a video call with reporters, Barbour said that she did not expect university presidents and Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren to reconsider the decision to Reviews: 1.
  5. Aug 15,  · Seattle business leaders ask city to reconsider tax after Amazon polls employees about relocation; Brad Porter, longtime Amazon Robotics leader and distinguished engineer, reportedly resigns.
  6. to consider again, especially with a view to change of decision or action: to reconsider a refusal. Parliamentary Procedure. to take up for consideration a second time, as a motion or a vote, as with the view of reversing or modifying action taken. verb (used without object) to reconsider .
  7. The motion to Reconsider is a distinct parliamentary motion! When you use the word reconsider in a parliamentary situation, it refers only to this specific motion. All the motions in the class of motions that bring a question again before the assembly assist your group in revisiting previously considered motions. You may find that members [ ].
  8. To consider again, especially with intent to alter or modify a previous decision. 2. To take up for reconsideration, as a matter previously acted on by a legislature.

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